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Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Bornemann InFleet
Map with GPS position archive, analysis and virtual fences for company cars, trucks, construction machines...



Bornemann Logbook
Electronic driver's logbook with every route driven.

Long Term Tracking

Long Term Tracking

Bornemann Seconity
GPS and RFID long term tracking with sensory conditions for containers, trailers, objects, valuables...

Order Management

Order Management

Bornemann Work
Mobile working time registration, order communication and documentation.

Live & Long Term Tracking

Live & Long Term Tracking

Bornemann Cockpit
The Bornemann Cockpit combines live and long term tracking in one portal.

Examples of Use

  • GPS Tracking
  • Logbook
  • Timekeeping
  • Theft Alarm
  • Sensor Technology
  • Order Management

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

A lot of entrepreneurs ask themselves: "Where exactly are our company cars?" Bornemann provides the answer in a matter of seconds and within a few meters. Not only with whole fleets, but also with monitoring single vehicles, tracking offers great advantages.

We will gladly show you how you can save time and money, as well. Feel free to send us your contact info and we will get in touch with you.

Bild GPS Ortung



Theft Alarm

Sensor Technology

Order Management


Technical details on request.

Feel free to ask us. We're happy to help!

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WSD Kältetechnik Guldner

Rating - WSD Kältetechnik Guldner


I've been using InFleet for over a year now and I am extremely satisfied. I was able to optimize my employees' driving times and service assignments substantially. 

Antoniushaus Lüdinghausen

Rating - Antoniushaus Lüdinghausen

Fast and reliable

Fast and good service, simple handling of the iDobbers, for us a high degree of safety for the residents living in our house. 


Rating - Pflegedienst

Saving costs

We as a home health care are totally convinced of the use of the tracking devices. We've been using them for several months, now, and there are no regrets. > we're saving costs > proof for the customer (as needed) > up-to-date tracking, protection against theft

KUHN elektronik gmbh

Rating - KUHN elektronik gmbh

Simple and clear presentation

We've been using InFleet for about one year, now. We are especially taken with the simple handling and the clear design. We've been helped quickly and professionally with a problem, as well. 

Tim Koppermann, Koppermann Spezialbau GmbH

Rating - Tim Koppermann, Koppermann Spezialbau GmbH

Everything as ordered!!!!

The system works as discussed and handling is simple, an inexpensive alternative to other suppliers, as well. I myself already recommended the company Bornemann to several business partners. 

Rüdiger Fischer, Omnibusverkehr Fischer

Rating - Rüdiger Fischer, Omnibusverkehr Fischer

We are very satisfied with quality, performance and service

We're very satisfied with the GPS-system. It's understandable, detailed and can be used in many ways. After testing for several months, which has resulted in our complete satisfaction, we are installing the system in all of our vehicles. When problems arise, you're helped really quickly. Top service! Recommendation! 

Hans-Josef Weber GmbH, Kälte-Klimatechnik

Rating - Hans-Josef Weber GmbH, Kälte-Klimatechnik

Again and again.

A few years ago, when we decided to equip our vehicles with a GPS-system, we were sceptical if it would really be useful for us. But after a short time already, we said "why didn't we install this earlier?".

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